Michael Partington - Artist

Web Site Portfolio


This gallery site is a showcase of the artist’s works and features an online store featuring Flash streaming movies to better display patterns, shapes and designs of the 3-D surfaces. It also includes a dynamic area where images of her workshops can be posted live from any location around the world. For marketing of this artist’s special Trade Marked Product, the following domains were created and special “splash” or “landing” pages were also built.


An online source for hand blown glass art. It features a searchable gallery and catalog/ordering system for the online sales and shipping of art. All aspects of the site are controlled by the artist including inventory, photos, future events, page content. It also includes a broadcast e-mailing features to linked to their e-mail subscription list and their event calendar. This is a true “client turn-key” and “self-marketing” web site. The dynamic online calendar keeps customers informed of important upcoming events in the Midwest arts community while the list of galleries is a good resource for the artist to track all consignment work on display throughout the area.